The cutest little Egg Bunny

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I came across this little bunny whilst looking for some ideas for an Easter display for our shop window - It was written in Russian so using the pictures and changing a few of the techniques I have created my own version of this little cutie.
Perfect for little kids and really very easy to make so why not make a fluffle (a cool word for a group) of bunnies.

So lets gather our supplies;

All measurements are height x width

3.5" x 13" piece of cream or white linen for the head.

4.5" x 13" piece of floral or stripe for the body

5" square of both the face and body fabric for the ears.

Embroidery threads for the face details

Small amount of toy fill for stuffing.

Bunny Pattern


Print the bunny pattern onto card stock (or normal paper and make a cardboard template) and cut out along the lines. I have cut the dart out as well to make it easier to draw the placement lines onto the fabric.

Join the head and body fabrics together by sewing on the long (13") edge. Press the seam towards the body fabric.



Top stitch the on the right side about an 1/8" away from the seam. This will help keep the seam flat and creates a nice decorative touch. If you want you can use a decorative stitch on your machine as an added touch.


With right sides together fold the sewn piece in half bringing the short edges together being careful to match the seams where you have joined the top to the bottom. 
Place the Bunny template on top lining up the top placement line on the seam line, make sure it lines up on both sides, draw around the outside edges. Make sure you draw the dart sewing placement lines as well.
Cut out the egg bunny on the drawn lines, DO NOT cut the dart out. 


Sew the two darts at the bottom. Draw a line from the top of the dart to the bottom of the bunny (this will be used as a fold line for the dart).

Fold along the drawn line and sew the dart from the top to the bottom to form the dart. Press to one side.

Place the two 5" squares right sides together and trace the bunny ears onto one side. I placed a piece of Parlan to the back of one the pieces to add a bit of puff to the ear pieces. Sew just inside the line about 1/8" sew through all layers around the ears BUT NOT along the base.

Cut out the ear pieces and turn through to right side, press gently.

Make a little pleat in the bottom of the ears by bringing the two outside pieces to the centre at the front of the ear, you can sew that down to keep in place.

Place the ears onto the head of the bunny lining up the ear on the outside of the ear placement line making sure the ears are facing down towards the body piece. Sew along the ears to keep them in place for the next step.

Line up the front and back of the bunny pieces making sure the middle seams match on both sides and sew around the outside leaving a opening at the bottom approximately 1.5" long.

Clip the outside edge and turn the bunny to right side.

Stuff your bunny with fibrefill until he is nice and firm and close the bottom up using a ladder stitch.

Using the following diagrams as a guide embroider the facial features onto your bunny and you are done !


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