Half Square Triangles

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Half Square Triangles are one of the most common quilt blocks in patchwork, this is for many reasons.

  • They can be arranged in multiple ways to achieve very different quilts from simple to complex.
  • Easy block for beginners.
  • They can be made a little bigger and trimmed to the size you need.

In this post I am sharing the formulas to accompany the Facebook  LIVE video which you can see on the Sew Fab Facebook page.

Unfinished size = the size of the HST before it is joined into a quilt or block eg a 4" HST finished will be a 4.5" unfinished

Single HST = cut the square the unfinished size of the HST you need

Two at a time = Unfinished size plus half an inch

Four at a time = Unfinished HST size, divide by .64 this will give you the starting square size.

Eight at a time = Add .875 to the FINISHED HST size and multiply by two, this will give you the size of the square you need to begin with.

To see how these all work watch the Facebook LIVE video.

Click on the link below to download a PDF version of each method.

Two at a time PDF

Four at a time PDF

The Magic Eight


Until next time Happy Sewing x

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