Happy As A Clam Pattern - Rachael Daisy

Happy As A Clam Pattern - Rachael Daisy

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Happy as a Clam Pattern Designed by Rachael Daisy for Rachaeldaisy Designs.

‘Happy As A Clam’ is a denim quilt with a difference!. Clamshells are always fun as they are, but when they are embellished with whimsical motifs, cute pictures, friendly fabrics and all sorts of sweet bits and pieces surely they help create the happiest clamshell quilt in the universe.
The pattern booklet has detailed instructions about making the clamshells, a big list of ideas for designs, templates, the tips and tricks for piecing denim clamshells, lots and lots of colourful photos and more.

‘Happy As A Clam’ is the perfect pattern for using old denim jeans.
Finished Size 55″ x 72″