Kasia Jacquot - Wool on Linen Embroidery

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Texture, softness and thick tactile results are what students get out of this class. Wool embroidery is a beautiful and slow craft and Kasia teaches her unique techniques and supplies yarn which she carefully sources from independent yarn makers. The results are stunning but are simple to apply. Students will use both ply and single spun yarn, as well as mohair, fingering yarn and 12 ply for different effects and will learn a variety of both filling and outline stitches. Perfect for those who have done some embroidery previously.

You will walk away armed with new skills, a new project to finish quickly and new found inspiration!

All materials provided, plus Kasia will be sharing other examples of her embroideries

  • Wooden embroidery hoop

  • High grade Russian linen

  • Selection of specialty wool

  • Needle

  • Pattern

Please note that the photos shown here are examples of wool on linen, the stitches taught, design and colours offered will be different to what is shown here.