Eden 25cm PWTP077 Tourmaline

Eden 25cm PWTP077 Tourmaline

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"People often wonder why I draw animals. The answer is simple, it is because I don t understand them. An elephant cannot tell me her story, a tiger will never stop to chat about the weather, a giant Atlas moth will never land on my shoulder to inform me of what intrigue lies on the path ahead and a flower will never ask me if I would like a stick of gum. It is these little interactions with people that allow us to know each other or at least open a door to that possibility. Eden is an exploration of nature's mystery and wonder. It is about pattern and texture overgrown, unkempt and unconfined.

Each Unit is equal to 25cm and will be cut as a fat quarter unless otherwise stated, multiple units will be cut as one continuous piece.

100% cotton, 110cm Wide